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My Logo emphasizes the Love, Joy, and Spirit evident in my books,

 my talks, and in being who I am as a person and an author.

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Poems from Find Your Bliss

Here is a preview of two poems found in my current published book

Find Your Bliss by Wynnie. While on my spiritual journey (2009-2015),

 I was given the ability to channel "poetic messages" from the cosmic consciousness.

The poem "My Goddess" came to me in a dream aa 

 I woke up singing the verses, and instinctively wrote them down.

 "Pink Cloud" was channeled after I had a Past Life Regression

 to learn about connections in this lifetime.

What our customers are saying

Excerpts of what people have said about Find Your Bliss by Wynnie:

"I got a message just  for me, when I opened it." "The words tell stories of Love, Joy, and Bliss."  "I'm using this book as part of my daily inspirational reading each day." "Find Your Bliss, saved my life." "This book is Magical."  "I found guidance in my life after reading a poem randomly." "This book told me the same thing the Psychic just told me." "I really enjoyed the poetry."  "Some of the poems seem very musical to me." "That poem made me smile." "I highly recommend tis book to all who want to deepen their appreciation of the present moment." "I share my book Find Your Bliss at my office and when someone has a question or needs an inner answer. They say, 'I need the book.'"