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Blissful Wynnie Books is the umbrella covering all writings, prints, books and products authored/created by Wynnie to encourage you to CREATE Love, Joy, and Bliss in your life. Items can be seen and purchased from the Blissful Wynnie Books Store on this website or by contacting Wynnie via text or email: Text 651-428-3568, Email [email protected] 


Wynnie has been sharing and selling her first self-published book since January of 2012.  She has sold over 2000 copies of Find Your Bliss.  Wynnie loves sharing her book "face to face" with others, (which is not always possible) and letting the customer "try out the magic in the messages."  When you open Find Your Bliss randomly you get a specific message within the poetic messages -- just for you. It is very magical.

How did this all begin?  A chance meeting with a stranger, an inner feeling that she knew the stranger before, and insight to the possibility of a Past Life connection led Wynnie to seek a Past Life regression. After one session Wynnie began channeling messages from the Cosmic Consciousness leading to a defining spiritual adventure in her life from 2008-2012 and beyond. 

The poetic messages came to Wynnie in dreams, or late at night while on her computer.  The first poem in the book - "My Goddess" came from a dream,  Wynnie woke up singing it and fortuitously wrote it down to save. The message in "My Goddess" changed Wynnie's life. The Past LIfe Regressions sparked strong past life links with family and friends and reaffirmed her spiritual path toward unconditional love. "Pink Cloud" was channeled immeditately after the first regression. The channeled poems began to come quickly to Wynnie, she wrote them down and shared with friends.  Her friends loved the poetic messages and told her they might help others. Through the urging of friends and messages from her guides to share her messages, she decided to put them in a book.  Wynnie had discovered her inner purpose to share love with the world though the poetic messages.

In 2009 Wynnie retired after 16 years of teaching Middle School science and math. She had time to devote to her mother (in a nursing home), her family, and the channeling.  Shortly after her mother passed in May 2010, Wynnie attended her first "I CAN DO IT" conference by Hay House in San Diego, CA. While there she met a representative from Balboa Press - a new self-publishing division of Hay House. Wynnie's self-publishing adventure had begun: organizing the poems, working on the cover, communicating back and forth with Balboa Press, and finally receiving her books in January of 2012.

The poems in Find Your Bliss reflect Wynnie's journey toward self-love. She discovered that there are no coincidences; everything happens in your life for a reason as part of a universal plan and purpose. Her poetic messages are a gift from the Universe and she is very grateful everyday for this gift.  Wynnie continued to receive messages for many years. She continues to write; read enlightening books; and attend workshops  -- all as part of her continued spiritual growth.

Wynnie chose Blissful Wynnie Books as the name for her website and book sales.  Along with including her name, this title expresses the joy of sharing her books with others.