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An ongoing series of informational and inspirational entries

                 6th Blog Entry



              My apologies to those of you searching for my book or my Newletters writings.

              I've been working on stories for my family, writing about my life and my parents and 

              grandparents through a company called StoryWorth.  The company puts the stories

              into small books for me to keep and share with my children and grandchildren.  This

              has kept me writing while Covid continues to bring illness to many.  My husband 

              and I both came down with Covid at the end of April.  Luckily it was a mild form

              of the virus and we made it through the 5 days of sore throat and coughing okay.

             The tiredness and slight cough did last longer, but we were back to normal in 

             about 2 weeks.  What is Covid trying to tell us all?  Learn to heal yourself, spend

             more time with family, build up your immunity in every way possible, or something

             else?  I have had a very positive attitude and self-love since I began sharing my book.

             I have found that a positive attitude really helps with immunity.  Let me know what you think.

5th Blog Entry 


New Ways to Find my Website!  I have added "Search Engine Listings" this month.  More seekers of "Find your Bliss" will be able to find my website and store online.  I want to help you love yourself more during difficult times.

Sometimes adding search engines can be confusing, inaccurate, and difficult to maneuver.  But I want to be able to help you enjoy my poems, my future books, and more, as I create through Love, Joy, and Spirit.  I am looking forward to connecting with all of you.  If you have any questions please contact me.  Enjoy the end of winter and stay positive into the Spring.

4th Blog Entry 


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2022 Brings "Find Your Bliss" to its 10th Anniversary of publication. I received my first published copies of my book in January of 2012, ready to share them with others. Today my book remains relevant to these times of stress and confusion. My book can help you go inward and find your own inner strength and bliss, to love yourself, and find contentment and peace. "Find Your Bliss" connects to you through the poems as you read them and find your own message within them.  To quickly get to the "store" page of this website, press the golden button above.

Third Blog Entry

October 2021

Are you ready to CREATE? I AM!  2022 is just a few months away and I am feeling the creative urge to complete one or more of my many already started projects.  I listened to the Universe --staying safe and resting during the Covid Pandemic.  I have received my 3rd vaccine - the booster for my age group and I am ready to get busy.  I can envision finishing all of my projects, but unsure of which one will be completed first.  My projects include my Past Life books: stories of lives before this one shared with members of my family and friends; a possible second book of enlightening poems channeled from the cosmic consciousness; and (last but not least) a story about two cats illustrated with my own photographs.  I am looking forward to all my projects. Are you feeling Creative, too?

Recently my husband and I moved, not too far in distance, but to a different part of the Portland area.  We are now in Beaverton in a bigger space which is also a plus for my new surge of creativity!  We lived in Beaverton many years ago when our children were very young, and still have many friends in the area. Friends are important in your life.  Yes, friends do come and go, but reconnecting with friends has been a blessing to me my whole life. I still have friends I knew in pre-school and two friends I've known since I was 2 years old.

Creating and Connecting is my wish for all of you as the Holidays sprinkle us with joy! Happy Holidays and enjoy celebrating the arrival of 2022!

Peace and Love,

Wynnie  October 14, 2021

Our Second Blog Entry

September 2021

Today, I'm sharing part of another poetic message from my book "Find Your Bliss."  Read the message and see what resonates for you today.


Gratitude is pouring out of me,

Like water from the falls.

Unconditional love surrounds me,

As if a child with dolls.

Using intuition, being brave,

It was worrisome at first.

I am so grateful for my strength,

WOW! I could climb Mount Everest.

Being grateful for all love

Can be a daily gift alone.

I now understand the "we."

All beings combined as one.

NOTE: see the whole poetic message in "Find Your Bliss" by Wynnie.  September 14, 2021

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Our First Blog Entry

August 2021

WELCOME to Blissful Wynnie Books' first Blog!

I know we all have been through challenges in the past 18 months dealing with Covid-19 and all of its variants. Keep being a survivor. Love yourself, stay centered, be safe, and be strong. Some folks still need help and guidance through this pandemic. I want to let you know how I can help you or someone you care about. Several years ago, I channeled messages from the cosmic consciousness and put them into a book, Find Your Bliss. These messages have helped others deal with challenges in their lives.  Check out the two poems on the home page.  If they resonate with you, order yourself a book -- it will bring comfort!

I plan to add more poems to this website, update the ones already here to keep my site fresh and fun for all readers.  Yes, my business as a traveler, as a participant in fairs and groups to share my book -- ended in February of 2020.  But I am still here, still writing, ready to share the messages, through this website.  I am "new" to blogging, so "helpful hints" are welcomed. I'd love to hear from all of you who visit my site.  I am working on some "bookmarks" with messages on them (free) to those of you who share your email address with me to be on my contact list.

I am looking forward to visiting with you via Email and this Website.  My first photo is of my new haircut. It is very "wash and wear" and shows off my curls which were a gift from the Universe for my birthday 4 years ago. I've always wanted curls but had to use perms most of my life.  I'm excited that we can "change as we grow and learn." Believe in Yourself!

Blessings and Gratitude,

Wynnie   August 27, 2021